On Body & Sole (summer 2018/19)

Sridhar Reddy has over 200 miles of quiet Swiss countryside sprawled out before him and an urgent message he is carrying forward with every step of his two-week trek. The meditative On Body & Sole observes a lonely run in a fast-moving world, considers the corrosion of the body on the road, and ponders the role of the filmmaker on this journey.

Running for Humanity (summer 2017)

Running for Humanity is a short documentary film following Sridhar Reddy as he treks 300 miles across the Swedish countryside with one goal: to spread a message of world peace.

Ciento un Años / One Hundred One Years (spring 2017)

In the small town of Las Juntas, the local public school and the community come together to teach their children about the collective past in order to prepare them for a future that increasingly exists beyond the community.

Top Naach (fall 2016)

Top Naach is a short documentary about Nupur Reddy, a student at Muhlenberg College who grew up dancing and founded the college’s first Bollywood dance team, a club known as Top Naach that dedicates its time to sharing Indian culture with the community.