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Drew Swedberg is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer & teacher. He is currently a community-based filmmaker, a freelance editor and cinematographer, a teacher of youth documentary filmmaking, a Visiting Professor at Lafayette College, and a basketball coach.

Drew got his start in short, narrative work as a cinematographer, graduating from Muhlenberg College in 2017 with a degree in English and Film Studies. He was one of the first students to graduate with the collaborative LVAIC Documentary Storymaking minor. In the Fall of 2016, he spent a semester specializing in cinematography at the Film and Television School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, shooting a short narrative project on Super 16 film. At Muhlenberg, Drew was the co-founder of an interdisciplinary, student-led production team that was organized around visual storytelling, the exploration of different production roles, and the sharing of resources and knowledge.

In the Summer of 2016, Drew was accepted into a MILA (Muhlenberg Integrated Learning Abroad) course with the intention of creating a documentary on community sustainability. It was here, with his debut documentary film, Ciento un Años, that he made the transition to documentary work, finding his niche in a style of filmmaking that is engaged with the relationship between the filmmaker and the community. Both as a filmmaker and a teacher, Drew is interested in the role of education in the community and how communities invest in their young people.

Drew is currently working in Allentown on a documentary project. He is a basketball coach and volunteer at Jefferson Elementary School. He is also advocating, organizing, and coordinating efforts to create access to storytelling resources in the city.